Radically Sustainable

TRANSCULTURAL DECONSTRUCTION is the debut collection of INSIDE/OUTSIDE Studio where Japanese and German design traditions merge seamlessly, using carefully curated post-consumer textile waste and vintage garments from both countries only. At it’s core lies the Wabi-Sabi Philosophy in which imperfection is celebrated with a focus on the process of making to elevate the beauty of slowly handcrafted garments.




REverse engineering the fashion system

In opposition of fast fashion we are working with used and discarded garments only, avoiding the new production of textiles by re-designing one-of-a-kind pieces. By prolonging the life-cycle and slowing down the flow of materials, we are not only drastically reducing the environmental footprint of our production, but also elevating a new way of thinking, away from the throw-away consumerist mindset. By de- and reconstructing garments we intend to make their true value and core visible.


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